Tuesday , May 21st 2019
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Diabetes Epidemic – Knowledge and Management

Over time, the epidemic of diabetes have been on the rise with no sign of slowing down. Diabetes’s diagnosis conducted recently show that about 9.4% or more than 100 million Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

The most significant risk of this disease is ignorance, because the longer it is left untreated, the higher is the possible complications. Such complications include loss of eyesight, amputation, and eventually death.

While diabetes can pose a massive threat to humanity, the good news is that; it is entirely manageable. With proper exercise and the right food, you stand a better chance to avoid diabetes. The vast number of affected Americans only shows how most Americans do fail to watch their weight.

As a member of a food-greedy community, the epidemic of type 2 diabetes poses a significant threat not only to the longevity of the individuals but it tends to have a negative influence on our day-to-day activities. Hence, it is of no gain saying that Diabetes must be put under adequate watch and be self monitored using one of the the many blood glucose meters on the market .

However, Americans are not the only set of human which currently face diabetes in high numbers as it is a worldwide disease that has already engulf areas such the Caribbean, Asia, and the Middle East. It has been revealed that there is a possibility of more than 380 million diabetes patients throughout the world in the next few years. Currently, the young and the middle-aged population class has been discovered to be more affected in most developing countries.

A comprehensive Diabetes Knowledge offers you a Healthy Life

There is a need to understand what diabetes is, and the reason behind the massive number of affected individuals around the world. In a layman’s definition, diabetes is a situation in which the body fails to produce a substantial amount of insulin. The pancreas is designed to produce Insulin which is used by cells for the absorption of blood sugar and the conversion of glucose to energy. In essence, the Insulin is responsible for maintaining an average blood sugar level.

So, the inability of a body to secrete substantial insulin or the improper use of insulin produced by the pancreas is a disease called Diabetes. The occurrence of such a situation will lead to an abnormal level of blood sugar in the body, and when left unattended to, there is a high risk of complications.

It is worthy to note that there is no specific cure for diabetes treatment. However, you can regulate your blood sugar. Do keep it in mind that untreated diabetes can enhance other body diseases such as heart disease, loss of eyesight, kidney problem, stroke and lots more. Also, a diabetes patient tends to suffer from a more extended period of wound recovery, and are more liable to be affected by diseases. Skin disorders and amputation are also associated with diabetes to a great extent. As mentioned earlier, all these complications are preventable and manageable through adequate exercise, proper diet, and right medications.

The lifestyle of a diabetes patient may come with some difficult changes as you will need to modify your lifestyle regarding what you eat, the time you eat, taking regular exercise and adherence to medications as prescribed by medical personnel. This management procedure also includes routine checkup of blood sugar level through a personal glucose meter with which you can watch the changes of your blood sugar level.

In most cases, you feel alright when you have diabetes, don’t be deceived as many internal damages could be done when you don’t get treated on time. The most prudent approach towards diabetes is checking your blood sugar level regularly, and ensure that it is at a reasonable rate.

And for those who travel a lot and using insulin on a daily basis; there are many insulin cooler organizers and travel kits available for your convenience.

While many experience hyperglycemia (High sugar level) when they have diabetes, it is not the only condition you can experience; there is a possibility of witnessing hypoglycemia (Low sugar level) too. Nevertheless, none of the two situations is healthy for your well-being, which is a more reason why you have to watch your diet, perform an exercise, and adhere to doctors’ prescription.

When you maintain your blood sugar at the appropriate level, you witness less diabetes-induced complications such as stroke, blindness, skin disorders and many more. The best way to get rid of this disease with ease is by first admitting that you have it. Denial won’t do you any good instead it will increase your possible risk of complications. The earlier you accept it, the easier your management procedure will seem to you. Do not forget that adequate management of the diabetes is the only cure to live a healthy life as diabetes patient.

Be assured that you have a great chance of living a good and healthy life as a diabetes patient if you can comply with the prevention and management procedures as much as possible.

The Primary Management Procedure of Diabetes

Over the years, not every individual throughout the world is aware about diabetes – many are still ignorant of the disease – while most people know a few details about it. As a diabetes patient, it is paramount to understand the management procedure of diabetes to alleviate the complications associated with it. While living as diabetes patient may not be entirely comfortable, you have the privilege to enjoy a healthy life by adhering to the dos and don’ts of diabetes’s management procedure.

Primarily, you should understand what diabetes means. It is a situation in which your body fails to produce a substantial amount of Insulin or use insulin effectively. Insulin is a needed substance for the conversion of blood sugar to energy in the body. Hence, we can rightly say that diabetes is a disease which causes the presence of an abnormal amount of sugar in the body.

Diabetes exists in two types; Type 1 and Type 2. The type 1 diabetes is a condition where the body produces a small amount of insulin or fails to produce insulin, while the type 2 diabetes occurs when the body couldn’t use the insulin produced effectively or absence of substantial insulin to regulate blood sugar level.

Diabetes can act as a propagator of some health issues. When it is not managed on time, it induces a series of complications which include – but not limited to – loss of eyesight, nerve problems, kidney damage, heart disease and many more.

Many diabetics suffer continuous foot and leg pain which can develop ulcers over time because of poor circulation. These conditions can be eased by the use of many diabetic foot and leg circulation products available today.

While you manage your diabetes, your primary focus is to regulate the blood sugar to an acceptable level. It must not be excessively high or shallow; it should be moderate. When your blood sugar is at the right level, then you do not worry about diabetes-related diseases. You have to consider to things to achieve a moderate blood sugar level; healthy diet and regular exercise. As a diabetes patient, you will have to change your diet to suit your health condition and also, perform an activity to watch your weight. This can be lifestyle-changing, but for the sake of your health, it’s a needed change.

It is of great importance to see a doctor to have a complete understanding of your condition and what treatment to use. Medical personnel will inform you about the right food to eat, and what kind of exercise to perform on a weekly basis.

As a diabetes patient, the most common diet you are likely to be advised is low salt, sugar, carbohydrates, and fiber intake. Eating snacks between meals may also be recommended to maintain your blood sugar level. Also, it is essential to check your blood sugar level on many times every day with a glucose meter.

However, there are some situations in which a healthy diet and regular exercise may not be the only solutions; a medical doctor can also prescribe the use of medicine and insulin.

Whatever the condition of your diabetes, compliance with the primary management procedures of diabetes is the first and most significant steps to conquer your health challenge. All you need to do is to be disciplined, and with time, you will have your good and healthy life running once more.