Tuesday , May 21st 2019
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Diabetic Insulin Cooler Organizers & Travel Kit Recommendations

This handy travelling design comes with a pair of ice packs , which work out to provide a cooling effect to the bag’s contents. Goldwheat worked on the design to insure that your insulin transports with your full confidence within the diabetic state restrictions, by keeping your insulin safe and cool. It’s a lightweight but high quality cooler pack with strong flexibility and guaranteed durability to deliver intimate care for the diabetic travelers.

Goldwheat Portable Insulin Cooler Bag Diabetic Organizer Medical Travel Cooler Pack+ 2 Ice Pack

The zipper is coupled to a high quality aluminium foil lining that’s not only functionally insulated but also sturdy enough to protect your containers. The two zippers are also sturdy but smooth on an easily gliding track. It is just a simply flexible but quality feature you could ever have for an insulin cooler bag. It is small convenient sized for portability purposes but still, the multi-layer mesh pocket design cunningly makes it spacious for its usage. You have the special layers to put in the strips, needles, insulin pen and ice packs. The inner lining is leak-proof for the ice packs’ sake. You therefore will have no reason worrying about the other items within the bag, or the portable cooler itself being messed up with the likelihood of ice leakages.

The canvas exterior is durable and thick to give you years of service, and ultimately shield the insulin bag containers. Despite the heavy duty canvas, the whole thing is easy to clean. If you are diabetic, try this one year warranty portable insulin cooler design and let’s see if you’ll look any further. You’ll have the peace of mind that your insulin will be kept cool for longer rides and trips!


  • Size is light weight for easy portability with excellent insulating qualities.
  • High-quality Aluminum foil liner, with Velcro designed with good insulation qualities against the elements.
  • Included with the travel kit: 1 piece insulin bag + 2 piece ice pack (New)
  • Always put ice packs in the refrigerator more than 10 to 12 hours before using the insulin bag outside. 


Variety of a few more different colors would be nice.

Final Thought

An excellent designed insulin cooler travel bag with lasting construction. Recommended!


Myabetic Thompson Diabetes Travel Case For Glucose Monitoring Tools, Insulin Pens, Syringes, Etc Includes Insulation Lining – High Quality Materials (Black Nylon)

This is a High Quality Travel Case fashioned for Glucose monitoring tools, insulin pens, syringes and so forth. It perfectly makes an all-round tools carrier for diabetic travelers. All you need is to make sure everything you need is rightly in place for packing and you will have them all conveniently fitting in this Thompson design in an organized manner. The four layer feature speaks of the amount of things the case can hold. Zipping open the center section leads you to two mesh zipper pockets, capacious for your lancing devices, lancets needles, glucose meters, glucagon kits…name them!

Calling it a Diabetes Travel Case doesn’t mean you are limited to carrying diabetic items. There’s room for your must-go-with documents such as log books, medical forms, ID and passport. Don’t leave your emergency snacks unpacked too! The removable waste pouch helps to temporarily keep already used test strips or any other waste thing convenient to fit in. If you were just out for a jaunt, you won’t have to carry the whole thing with you. The spacious removable zipper pouch is included to take care of such. The other two front zipper compartments are a plus for surplus storage. You can have your creams, sanitizers, spray, all with you. Then comes the amazing insulated back compartment with a cooling pouch, especial for keeping your insulin cool. You can call it the ice pack compartment too.These layers and pouches enable you to customize what you carry and where to carry it, hence convenient packing of your items.


  • Versatile diabetes travel case with many features
  • High Quality Materials
  • Lots of compartments for your diabetic items and more.
  • Back compartment is a cooling pouch


Again additional case color would be nice

Final Verdict

Actually, it is a classic, nice-looking and practically durable case design worth every penny for any traveler. It must be an appealing constant companion for the variety who never feel safe closing the door behind them without extra supplies for ‘whatever’ emergencies.